45th Entry Radar & Telegraphists.   

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Back Row 1. Dave Burton 2. Barrie Hemmings 3. Larry ODowd 4.George Thelwell 5. Dave Gibbs 6. D "Plumy" Plum 7. Andy Uttley 8.Pete Fairweather 9.Keith Sheppard

10.Les Davy 11. Alan Eadie 12. Edward Pratt 13. R Brown 14. Matt Angus 15. Mike Rocket 16. Dave "Bouncy" Stott 17.John Hart 18. R Jordan 19. Bob Davies 20.. Maicolm Butt

21.Adrian Dalton.

Middle Row 1.Fitz Allan 2.Bob Prevost 3.Ian Millan4. Ken Terry 5.Tedman 6.? 7. Ron Plant 8.C Edwards 9. Mick Harper 10. Doug Beaver 11. Gerry "Paddy" Ryan

12. Taff Powell 13.J K Pickett 14.Bill James 15.Denis Valyisiaris 16.Jock Carter 17.Sonny Fenn 18. Keith Richardson 19.Fred Ashmore

Front Row 1.Gerry Whitley 2.Lou Costello 3.L C Grant 4.Keith Mc connell 5. John Thornton 6.Ben Csey 7. Jones 8.Mike Palmer 9. John Hudson 10. Roy Venerables

11.Fred Godfrey 12. Roger Dransfield 13. Frank Duncan 14.  Mick Munday 15.Jim Coulter 16. Mal Foster 17.Ken Giles 18. Cpl Fagg 19. F/S Stone

Graduation Photo July 1963

Back Row 22.I P Wildan 23.Graham Langford 24. Jones 25.A Cornford 26 Ian Underwood 27. Chris Owen 28. Angus Maclean 29. Glen Fuller 30. Roger Dingle

31. Geoff Pearson 32. Stu Keeler 33. Chris Tomlinson 34. Graham Yarnold 35. Ken Quickfall 36. Nigel Jones 37. Mad Mathews 38.? 39. Chris Webb 40.Mike Rowe

41. Al "Fuzz" Butt 42.TG Robertson

Middle Row 20.Zeb Williams 21.Ray Massey 22.Stevenson 23. Mick Eames 24.Bill Anderson 25.Jim Kerr 26.Rick Hunter 27.Sandy McNaughton 28. Rick Marker 29.Mathews

30.Roger Lees 31."Bee Bop" Jenkins 32.Colin Hogg 33.Fretwell 34.? 35 Paul Chitty 36. Dick Taster 37. Willie "Tug" Wilson 38 Dave L Airey 39 Bryan Shelley

Front Row 20.Sqn/Ldr Smith 21.F/O Smart 22. Sgt Keenan 23. Jim Mc Connachie 24. John "Horace" Webb 25.Paddy Dempster 26.Paddy Donniston 27. Doug Barney

28. Pete Nunn 29. Ken Dawkins 30 Jim Buckan 31. Paddy Crran 32. Jack Frost 33.Malcolm Mc Neil 34.Brian Keogh 35. "Yogi" Kennaugh 36. Steve Santer 37. Maurice Scottern

38. John Turner 39. "Whitey" Davies.

Graduation Photo July 1963

Hello, my name is Shawn Allen. I am the son of Fritz Allen. Recently my father became ill with memory loss. However he still has fond memories of serving in the 45th. He tells tales of working on the radars. I hope some of you out there remember him and maybe share any photos.
Sincerely, Shawn Allen
Hi Shawn.
Sorry to hear that you dad is not very well. I was also in the 45th Air Radar entry at Cosford and have fond memories of the days at Cosford. Things have gone a long way since those days in the early sixties I am now retired after spending all of my working life working on aircraft. After coming out of the RAF in 1965 I joined BOAC then British Airways working on Air Radar and Cabin Entertainment systems. Ian Millin 45th ARM
  • Paul Chitty
  • [email protected]
  • Hi 45th members, I am having nostalgia moments and would like to make contact with some of my old buddies from the Air Radar training program at Cosford way back in the early 60's