45th Entry Radar & Telegraphists.   

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Back Row1.2. I C Kinmond3.Paul Lister 4.Dave Longstaff 5.A Halstead 6.R Wilson Paul Shillam 17.Rick James18.Chapman19.Ray Bailey 20.

Maveiddle Row Lennie S Cambell

Front Row Dave Neil Allan Chambers14.15.16.

Graduation Photo July 1963

Back Row 19.20.Den Greedy21.Ken Hill 22. Les Howell 23.24.25.Bob Claassen  Jaco Jackson J Cooke 35.36.373.38.T Gill

Middle Row Ken Knowlson 22.Crookshank 23.John Kirk 24. Roy LLoyd 25. R Jardine Jim Allison 30.31. D T Newby 

Front Row14.15.16. Sqn/Ldr Smith 17. Cpl Sherlock 18 Barry Kybird19.G C Bruce 20.John Mcarthy Gunner Walsh 26.27. C T Ledden 28. J C White29.

30.Kevin O Brien

Graduation Photo July 1963

I.T.S. Pass out photo

Telegrahists Postings
Telegrahists Postings